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Flame lamination / Duplex Flame Lamination: the production lines are set according to parameters defined by process cards and computerised bills of material and the raw materials are loaded according to precise plans. Every line is patented Res S.p.A..

On this line we can process all the materials that are incompatible with each other and that could not be laminated with other technologies. On this line also the Corona treatment on the material can be made. The machine has been designed by RES and it’s patented, Italian patent N°01242855, international patent N°91912963.5

The technology of this line allows to reach a lamination cost much lower than a reactive polyurethane adhesive. Every line is patented Res S.p.A.

The lamination is made through a PURE polyurethane adhesive , without solvents, ecological, studied for the automotive industry to obtain higher hydrolysis adherence values than the ones obtained by other technologies. Every line is patented Res S.p.A


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